There are dozens of apparel markets in Guangzhou which generally distribute in 3 areas: Zhanxi road clothing zone(where Baima clothing market and Liuhua clothing wholesale market locate, focusing on top-grade garments), Shahe apparel wholesale zone( second largest wholesale market in Guangzhou, offering medium and low-end clothings. And it has attracted many domestic and overseas buyers like middle-east and Africa due to its low price), and Shisanhang Garment marketplace(deal with exporting business in general and with substantial quantity, which is the first priority for purchasing purpose).

More apparel market location, please refer to the following introduction. Furthermore, you can reach us for even more mareket and products information.

New Continent Footwear Plaza

New Continent Footwear Plaza is professional footwear market in china,it can provide many kind of shose for you,such as high-heel, flat heel, sports shoes, leather shoes

Guangzhou EuroCommerial Plaza Shoes City

Guangzhou EuroCommercial Plaza Shoes City is a famous distributing center for shoe sales in Guangdong Province or even in China. It mainly operates the business of shoes and leather products at home and abroad.

Global International Trade Centre

Global International Trade Centre set wholesale footwear industry, trade negotiations, exhibitions, the global procurement in the modernization of one shoes business centre, will be built in Guangdong currently the highest grades shoes wholesale market.