1-150414132603121Yiwu wholesale market have international trade city, Binwang market, Huangyuan market 3 markets, Yiwu Wholesale Market have 43 industry, 1900 series, 170 million kinds products. Yiwu market products include art works, ornaments, hardwares, daily use goods, rain gears, electronics, toys, cosmetics, stationary and sporting goods, socks, food staffs, clcoks and watches, tapes, needle cottons, textiles, neckties, clothes etc all daily use insutrial products. Inside, ornaments, socks, toys output and sales occupy 1/3 of all national market. Best price and good quliry, have all the things one desires, its quite competitive in international market.


Yiwu Wholesale Market Guide

Yiwu wholesale Market has good management systerm, its first professional wholesale market pass ISO9001 and ISO14001 in China.Yiwu wholesale market Products sells to 212 countries and areas, include Southeat Asia, Middle east, Europe and America, etc. Export value is 60% of total output.since year 2002, Yiwu fair upgrade to The Ministry of Commerce held and The national export-oriented Exhibition, Year 2005 Yiwu sales value reach 80.98 hundred million dollars, include export value 6.61 hudres million dollars.

Yiwu wholesale market facilities and opened a restaurant food, telecommunications services, entertainment, transportation, financial services. it’s a collection of shopping, tourism as one of the international business platform, You can learn more about near the Yiwu hotels at here.