Yiwu Jewelry Market

One of the main products in yiwu market is the jewelry. Yiwu jewelry market is mainly in the second floor of the international trade market district 1. You can find every accessory like headwear, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, jewelry, waist decorations and so on.

There are almost 2000 accessory showrooms in yiwu jewelry market of international trade market district 1 where with lots of facilities such as elevators, air conditionings , WIFI etc.. you can find some good quality things with cheap price if you are patient enough. But you can’t ask for their good service because the sellers are very busy.


Yiwu Jewelry Accessories Market

Yiwu jewelry Accessories Market divides into Xingzhong market, Jinfuyuan Jewelry Plaza, International Trade City. Follow us to learn about this three Jeweley Accessories Market in yiwu.

Yiwu Xingzhong Jewelry Accessories Market

Compared to Jinfuyuan Jewelry Plaza and International Trade Ciry, customers likes this two markets more than Xingzhong market for it’s an old Jewelry Accessries market and with bad circumstances around. But it still attracts lots of customers come here to purchase for it’s old facilities makes the rent much cheaper, lead to much cheaper price for the product.

Yiwu Jinfuyuan Jewelry Plaza

Jinfuyuan Jewelry Plaza is a new market compared with another 2 markets, it’s built 2 years ago, ranging over about 300 booths, its scale is much smaller than Yiwu International Trade City. But this market is also a good choice, because here the service is excellent, neither so crowded nor so old as Xingzhong market, although the scale of market is not so big.

Yiwu International Trade City

Jewelry Accessories market is located at third floor of International Trade City disstrict1, E area. Here is the biggest Jewelry Accessories market with more than 800 booths, sells all different kinds of commodity, people can investigate other similar commodities when they purchase the Jewelry Accessories. This is also a reason why lots of foreigner business man like this market.