yiwu scarf and shawls market located in Yiwu international trade city district 4, The scarf and shawls market Opening Time is 09:00 – 17:00.

yiwu scarf and shawls market introduce

yiwu scarf and shawls market have more than 1500 stores, The manufacturer have 30% in stores.
Yiwu scarf and shawls market main export to USA, Japan, Korea, South Asia, Europe, Russia and so on, have more than 19% in world market, have more than 60% in china market.

yiwu scarf and shawls market Products

Silk Scarves, Square Silk Scarf, Chiffon Scarves, Cotton Scarves, Linen Scarves, Knit Scarf, Pashmina Shawls, Crocheted Shawls-Scarf, Animal Print Scarf, Evening Shawls, Mens Scarves, Head Scarf, Velvet Neck Scarves, Fur Scarves, Winter Scarves, Muslim scarves and so on.

Other yiwu scarf and shawls market

In addition to the Yiwu international trade city has a scarf and shawls market, Yiwu have other scarf and shawls centrally: yinhai district 2, yinhai district 1, futian district 3, futian district 4, you can use yiwu map to find these scarf market.