Are you still traveling from your country to China looking for a good bargain orders many times per year just because of your lack of money?

Just because of funding problems you can not expand the purchasing quantity?

Are you exhausting yourself communicating with suppliers in order to extend your payment date?

Are you bothering to miss the potential hot-sale products because the supplier doesn’t accept OA or LC?

Hold on please, you talked so much, who are able to solve these problems?


has built the portable online trading services platform — GOODCAN Network.

The platform is designed to help International purchasers to experience the safer, faster and more convenient trade activities. Various ways of trade settlements are available. O/A, L/C and DP are accepted to be supported financially. We have professional team-work to offer the service of International settlements and credit-guarantee for your trade payment. Our service does release our clients’ financial pressure and trade risks of goods. GOODCCAN creates one new service which can help you solve all the problems and allow you to easily do trade without financial pressure.

The Process of the traditional trade mode

The buyer pays 30% deposit toward supplier, and the balance payment will be settled after the goods delivery.It looks its easy way,But through this trade mode the buyer takes most risks. Lower standard than agreement, required sticker missing and various ways of dishonesty

You Buy We Pay

And now, as long as you choose work with Goodcan  network online trading service platform, you will experience a new trade model

We provide financing service for International TradeYou don’t have to worry about your finance and quality issues..Through Good Can online trading service platform , our clients’ financial pressure will be largely released. and solutions to ease all your worries of the trade .And let you easily do trade, No more financial pressure!


Applications to GOODCAN TRADING.
Investigation of purchasers. Agreements of finance credit
Place orders.
Place deposit to GOODCAN TRADING.
Suppliers deliver the goods and pass the customs clearance
GOODCAN TRADING offers the financial service.
Documents collected and then GOODCAN TRADING make the payment to suppliers
The purchasers collect the goods.
GOODCAN TRADING delivers the B/L
The final payment toward GOODCAN TRADING.
The purchasers make the final payment before nominated date

Our clients will be able to choose multiple ways of international settlement to pay the goods under the mode of GOODCAN TRADING. O/A, L/C and DP are available to be supported financially.

30% deposit is enough to start 100% business.

The durable credit system is able to minimize the risk of the international trade.
90 days period of payment is able to greatly lower the financial pressure

Our Strengths and Advantages

Easy Settlement

Our clients will be able to choose multiple ways of international settlement to pay the goods under the mode of GOODCAN TRADING.

Low Risks

Our clients can first take the goods and then pay the balance after the nominated period. The trade risks will be significantly decreased.

High Efficiency

The first-class certificate of import and export grants us the priority to complete the cargo clearance in the shortest period. Export through our titles, our clients will shorten their waiting period and maximize trade efficiency.

More Professional

Our professional and experienced team-work will provide the most suitable services and solutions to ease all your worries of the trade.


The standard operation process means that our professional online systems (ERP, CRM) will ensure the working efficiency and our systematical operation line will make sure the quality of our services.

More than that

We also provide ONE-STOP service

for your purchasing in china.

  • Free Search products
  • Translation service
  • Placed order
  • Tracking up order
  • Free storage
  • Inspection & quality control
  • Documents support
  • Customs clearance
  • Shipment

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