Yiwu was called Wushang in history, it’s belong to Jinhua, Zhejiang province, 58.15km from north to south, 44.41km from east to west, occupy 1105 sqaure meters, have population 753312, include minority nationality 99146, Yiwu is one of the four centre city of Zhejiang province.

Yiwu is the first and only country level city that national comprehensive reform pilot city, was named as national advanced clean city, China environmental protechtion model city, China excellent tourism city, China garden city, Zhejiang provincial civilized demonstration city.

Yiwu International Trade City is awarded China first AAAAA shopping tourism area by China National Tourism Administration.

Yiwu City history
Yiwu City was founded in 222 BC name as Wushang, belong to Jijun. It is said here has Yanwu in Qin Dynasty, he is very filial, Take earch by back to build grave, many crows was moved and help and final crow mouth was hurted, that’s why teh city was called ‘Wushang’. Till year 1927, the road systerm was instead by provine and city two level manage, Yiwu was directed manaed by Zhejiang province, later established district office of chief inspector. Yiwu belong to Jinhua Area or Zhejiang Fourth Area. Yiwu liberated in 1949. After New China established, Yiwu belong to Jinhua Area. In year 1959 Pujiang was planned to Yiwu, and 1967 Pujiang was come out from Yiwu as country level city. 1988 Yiwu was rename by city instead of country city.

Yiwu City location
Yiwu City located in middle of Zhejiang Province, 260km far from Shanghai, 120km far from hangzhou. Yiwu is called China biggest small commodities market, products in the market related to all daily use products industry, already exported to 212 countries and areas.

Yiwu City is in the subtropical monsoon climate, spring temperature is 8?-16?, summer temperature is 22?-30?, Autumn is 20?-29?, winter is 5?-13?.

yiwu City transportation
Yiwu City trade developed traffic is convenient, Yiwu airport directly to Beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen, shantou, xiamen, changsha, kunming, xi’an, chongqing, chengdu and other places. Hangzhou to yiwu trains leaving every hour, Shanghai to yiwu only need one and a half hours.