Yiwu Desheng Cliff is a good place for people to climb and explore.

Yiwu Desheng Cliff near yiwu train station andAbout 13 km to the north of the yiwu city, Desheng Cliff is also called Chou Cliff because of the peaks rising on above another in distance. In the fourth year of Wude(621AD) in Tang Dynasty, Yiwu got the name of Chouzhou from this cliff. From ancient to modern times, Desheng Cliff is a good place fro people to climb.

The mysterious stones and caves of this Desheng Cliff will make you surprised. Behind the temple, a large stone tortoise lies prone on the mountain; the hand of nature makes the tortoise so vivid. You can also look at the Jiulongqianzhu Cliff, Shangyan Cave and Guanshan Mountain made by the miraculous nature.

An old temple on Desheng Cliff called Helingxing Temple was established at the begging of Tuan Dynasty for the memory of Mr.Hu Ze, the minister of Song Dynasty. It is said that this place was admired by lots of people and literary wrote many poems here.