Yiwu Fotang town set architecture, painting, sculpture, three features in one of the ancient building dwellings. Yiwu Fotang town has five hundred years of history.

Historical and cultural towns and villages within the scope of the existing Fotang important historic buildings and traditional houses hundreds of buildings, mostly in the early Qing Dynasty and the Republic built, compared with the typical southern residential style, although the same is Fenqiangdaiwa Fotang of the ancient buildings are different general of the southern building, its appearance heritage of Residence of horse gable, and detailed decoration and building structure, construction aspects but also into a unique place wood, brick, stone carving and floral patterns carved Toyozane connotation, exquisite artistry.

After the river from the west, “Wanshan bridge” approached the town, to the edge of the New Town Street group, there was a diameter of about 1.8 meters, has 800 years of history of large camphor tree, towering branches seem a bit quaint and mysterious. Another old camphor tree and camphor tree stands echoed in new city group. And there is an old head on Ferry Citrus tree about 300 years old.