Yiwu Qiqu Sea World is located in Yiwu park, the museum has more than 1,000 species of marine life, the end of more than 10,000, divided Rainforest Dome, Coral Sea-Life, Marine Mammals performance hall, deep-sea tunnel Hall, Ocean Gaiety Theatre and marine science experience zone six venues, including the tropical, deep sea and other rare species, such as piranhas, aerial fish workers, horns, sturgeon, etc. Perhaps the most interesting is an average of three meters in length nurse sharks and lemon sharks.

Here you can experience the magic of the ocean, watch the strange sea creatures, can close contact with sharks, and turtles can also play with the seals play, strange ocean, fun everywhere, this is a just association will be excited place. Here unique Hawaiian charming scenery will be great joy, nostalgia! Youmohuaji sea star – Mr. sea lions, will be a grand debut in this, can accommodate up to 300 people every day watching station allows you to enjoy the unrivaled performances!

Resorts in the amusement park, outside environment is very good, relatively dark spot inside Well, taste just go in, stay habit did not feel, and there are many species of fish, we basically do not know, will fly, see big crocodile, and a motionless, thought it was specimens, administrators say is true, to feed the turtle is a very fun thing, not just children like adults also feel the fun of it, just ten yuan a cabbage leaf bit high consumption, and think also, if very cheap, we all buy Hey, what are the estimated turtles Cheng Si, right! Also feeding the fish will be very interesting to be interested if the pro Hey Oh, ha ha, of course, which is performing very exciting, but also without oxygen bottles in the water show, really amazing.